IBM FileNet

Since 1998, Novadoc ECM BV is a service organisation supporting customers implementing, deploying and maintaining FileNet. Starting with Image Services, CM and Panagon, we followed the FileNet product in its versions over the years. In 2006, FileNet became part of the IBM ECM portfolio and since that acquisition, lots changed in the product and surrounding applications. Datacap was added, superceding FileNet Capture, BPF came as a business process framework, Case Manager was a big step into more dynamic, user centric and ad hoc workflows and now we move to Business Automation Workflow, where the functionality of Case Manager and BPM (Lombardi) are combined into a new product, designed for case management and straight-through processing in one solution.

We have consultants with 2 till 20+ years of experience on FileNet, migrations to new versions, migrations from and to different platforms. With Datacap we capture documents from any source, into digital documents with metadata. Add some AI to interpret unstructured content, for instance, process invoices or get abstracts on contracts or compaints. 

Store any amount of documents in serveral versions including metadata in your IBM Content Foundation or FileNet P8 environment, making sure that only the right people can access this information. With Enterprise Records, you manage documents for the long term and make sure that they are unchanged, auditable and deleted when that is required (GDPR). Privacy information can be redacted for those who should see it.

Novadoc will source your project or maintance team with experienced consultants and developers in any role and any way of working (DevOps, Scrum, Waterfall). Send us a profile of your required resource, and we can send matching consultants to releave your team.

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