The IBM ECM and Automation portfolio changes fast! Don't miss out on new developments, offer your colleagues the modern way of working by giving them the latest versions of the IBM DBA platform.

Migrate older solutions before they run out of support (Case Manager support ends April 30, 2021) and offer the best products available in the market.

The new containerized (Redhat Openshift) IBM Cloudpak for Automation enables you to maintain a hybrid environment for all your automation applications: On-Prem, Private cloud or Public cloud, move seamlessly from one to another and back! 

With IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW), user centric case management combined with straight-trough processing is now available. Designing new application will be less depending on your IT organisation because the use of a low-code studio, with wich the business analysts can already design and work on building process solutions for your organisation.

Use AI in your processes and documenten management to optimise and improve your organisation. Help your customers faster and better, releave your co-workers from tedious and error-prone tasks with automation (RPA) in combination with deep learning. Comprehend long unstructured documents and automate decisions on it.

With business rules (ODM) you let the system make decisions based on auditabe models that are managed including versioning and review. Save ours on making the same decision by clicking a button, over and over again and let the system do it for you, using the same logic you would use. Maintain this logic separate from the workflow so you can change them on the fly when circumstances require it. 

Novadoc stays ahead of the competition by working closely with IBM to be first in class on new versions and upcoming developments. This helps us helping you in making decisions about new investments, improving business outcomes and relieved colleagues. People using their capacity to do what adds value instead of repetious tedious tasks they don't like and won't miss.

Novadoc is your partner on IBM Capture, Workflow, Content, Decisions, AI. Contact us, share your challenges and we will help your fixing them in the best possible way!